What is Infatuation?

- Infatuation is the state of being lost in emotions based on desires.

- Selfish uncontrollable desires.

- Short lived physical desire, crush, lust, hormonal activity, or addictive chemical reactions in the brain.
No deeper feeling.

- High intensity for sexual desire.

- High relationship anxiety with reckless fear of abandonment.

- Just Reckless need to satisfy one's lust.

- All-consuming euphoria similar to recreational drugs. Not able to analyse and see the deeper meanings of a relationship.

- Emptiness in the relationship as consequence of choices made under the influence of heighten temporary lust.

- Loss of ability to make rational evaluations of what is true, valuable and worthy.

- Cannot be sustained without need to be centre of attention and physical attraction.

- When Desire to be close to that person arise, nothing else is understood. And till the desire is not satisfied a person is filled with restlessness and anger.

- Feelings burns out quickly and can leave feelings of emptiness.

- Temporary memory and goes off after some period.

- Infatuation can become delusional. Not real love.


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