Friends with someone you dream of romantically

Attempting to be friends with someone whom you dream of being romantically attracted/linked to may often cause insomnia, depression and low self worth.

Reason -

1. anger - it that person is dating someone else or is romantically interested in someone else you feel angry and helpless.

2. fear - not being able to open and say whats their in your heart out of the fear you may loose the friendship.

3. guilt - thinking of friendship in a romantic way, when the other person gives no "signals" of the same, you feel guilty of your way of thinking.

4. lack of attention - sadness from not getting that "special attention" from the said person, when you give him/her more than required attention.

5. sexual frustration - for fantasizing about sex with that person, but not being able to do it.

Mind Mantra - If you like someone, go and tell them.. If they deny it, you get the chance to move on and find someone better...

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