Exam Tips

Day before Exam  - 
1. Pack your bag with the Hall Ticket, proper stationery, keep it in safe place.
2. Get proper Sleep - by trying to read that one extra topic you might actually forget 2.
sleep is essential.

3. Food - no fat or oily food. 
- high protein intake
- high fruit juices
- high water intake

4. Avoid Best of luck phone calls - they end up giving more stress than happiness.

5. Reading - force yourself to 5-10min every 2-3hrs. listen to a song, eat something or just lie down during this 10min.

On exam Day - 
1. reach exam hall 1hr before time.

2. Don't have heavy breakfast - had a light cornflakes, or break without butter, or some sprouts with a tea/coffee or milk.

3. Avoid last minute revision while going to the exam hall - will confuse your mind.
4. Avoid last minute discussions about the subject - will confuse you.
5. Wear light clothes - not wear fancy or uncomfortable dress.
6. Stay away from Social Networking sites
7. Joke with your friends, move away from those who seem extremely stressed or are crying about not having studied.
8. don't listen to your friends - most of them have studied but are just concealing their true self.
9. Do not carry chits, books,mobile to the exam hall
10 . Pray to God before starting the exams. 
If you don't believe in god, give yourself a positive affirmation.

While giving the Exams - 
1. Write your name and roll number properly. Check it twice. 
2. Read the entire question paper 2 times properly.
3. don't be in a hurry to solve it.
4. Take a break for a few seconds after every answer
5. Begin by answering the best question. 
6. concentrate at one answer at time.
7. If you go blank, take deep breaths and be quiet for a minute. it will come back to you.
8. Move to the next answer in case of difficulty. 
9. Cheating is done at your own risk. - only cheat if you are ready to face the consequences in case you are caught.
10. Do not discuss the answer paper once it is over

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