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A few months ago I was having dinner at a friends place, when he proudly called his Teenage daughter and asked her too show me what she had learnt at the new "memory increasing course".

The little kid brought out many of the material supplied to her by this "mental gym".

She had done the routine many a times, so she went to do it again.

Showing me the "magic tricks to remember anything and have the greatest memory of all".

After she finished my friend asked, what do you think doc.. isn't it amazing.. no medication.. no meditation.. just plane simple science!!!

I smiled and told him that it was quite a good show, i wonder if it will really help her.

A few days ago, the same friend called me in a frantic asking for any "magic memory pill" as her daughter probably needed more "practice with her magic memory skills".

I would like to tell that 90% of these "Brain enhancing techniques" are actually a waste of money and time. But since you will not believe me, kindly do go through them before you get a true idea.

Many people email me on tips on how to enhance memory.. while memory enhancing requires a personalised analysis of the memory of a person.. here are some simple tips I give everyone. Hope they can help you -

1. Tony, a patient of mine, was bad with numbers but he was a genius with names.
Know you memory limits - You have a certain memory capacity. You cannot increase it over night or in a few days.
Know how much you can remember.

2. Tony, was bad with numbers, good with names, and had a problem giving presentations if he hadn't prepared for it in advance.
Cramming a night or few hours before a test never worked in school.. will never work in real life.
If you over-load your brain with information, after a point it will only be in reading mode.. with no storage happening at all.
Information in small pockets is easily "digestible" by the brain.

3. Tony was always the heart of a party because he remembered movies, movie scenes and songs.. but at work people feared he would miss out on important details when he was to present a report.
Our brain is more open to learn when there is audio-visual inputs.
Its easier for the brain to remember and absorb material in audio-visual ways than reading it.

4. Tony loved to watch movies, spend private time with his wife and watch world news. This changed his sleep structure. He never got sleep before 2am. He would wake up at 7am, as he needed to catch the 8am train to work.
Sleep is the greatest key to a healthy memory. Sleep is the time when your mind gets to review important information and help consolidate it into long term.

5. Tony initially wanted to create an impression by giving presentations without any help. Gradually he kept some notes with him. Everytime he presented with notes, he grew more confident and became better.
You have been acustomed to look at memory as a tool to fight a war called exam.
Everytime a tough situation comes, one likes to go through it without any "notes".
Having small notes help refresh the memory.
When preparing for an exam or a test, keep your notes aside.. try to remember as much as you can.. and use the notes whenever you are stuck somewhere.

6. When Tony was a junior manager and made the boss presentation he remembered every part of it. But when he became the boss and delegated someone to make his presentation, he actually forgot many points.
You remember material better when we've generated it.
written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
email – eksoch@gmail.com
website – www.mindmantra.in
twitter- @sai_ki_artist

(feel free to ask your questions/feedback through email)

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