The Fake Spirituals

There are many people who walk the world using spirituality as an excuse.
These people are "fake spirituals".

They love to indulge in materialistic pleasure but will use spirituality as an explanation to their jealousy, guilt and anger.

I remember counseling a "corporate employee" who loved to spend all his money on electronic gadgets, but would call those who smoke and drink as "sinners who just indulge in addictions".

A girl would preach about studying and getting married to a good guy, but her entire room was full of love stories and everyday she indulged for hours thinking about "her charming knight in shinning armour".

A guy would say its sin to look at girls and would keep distance from them. But at night would sit and watch pornography for hours.

The society loves hypocrisy. Everyone preaches to rise above physical self and basic instincts.. but the very people who preach this indulge in the same secretly.

A lady came to my clinic and spent 1hr explaining how she was above money and materialism. She felt her mother-in-law never understood her. As soon as it came to paying my fees, she suddenly started complaining about money and wanted to bargain.

I met a pundit who preached about how society was deteriorating and gave big lecture on following the virtues of the "vedas".. .15min when a beautiful lady was serving him food, he was looking at her with lustful eyes.

Millions of people pray to god..donate billions of rupees blindly to "gurus" whose credentials have never been question.. because they are scared if they don't pray something wrong will happen to them.. Its really ironic, isn't god the other name for love... and love has no punishment.. it only has forgiveness.

By attending a "satsang" or by preaching the same that you heard from a "guru" doesn't make you spiritually high.

Seeking higher virtues and spiritual highness is very difficult... because it requires acceptance of yourself, acceptance of your flaws and detachment from everything. Till there is a single trace of attachment you'll never move high. So you cannot preach.

No matter how “loving,” “nice” and “sweet” you look on the outside, your raw needs will make you attracted to lust, anger and ego.

The moment you accept that lust, anger and ego are part of you... then you'll learn that they will bring you both happiness and sadness. When you learn to accept both happiness and sadness as part of your own perception, you'll learn to enjoy living.

Till then you'll keep struggling... fighting just to prove yourself to be superior to other by use of words which you might practice in action but not by heart.

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Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
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