Rape Victim


sex has always been tabooed in india.

I remember as medical student many people from different walks of life would ask me questions regarding sex. Surprisingly many questions would show the aggression males had towards woman.

From wanting a woman to scream during sex.. to wanting her to implore for sex or she praising a male for having sex with her.. the attitude towards sex has been more of domination than love.

This attitude is further multiplied by the male prefernce the society shows.

As a psychiatrist treating rape and sexual abuse patients is really heart breaking. Beautiful lifes thrown into the dungeons of darkness by the animal instinct of a man.

Alcohol, Pornography, media, anger, personality disorders and social attitude are all factors that contribute to bring about the animal in a man.

A rapist is an animal..and their is no excuse for him.

I wish our society learns from the pain of others.

My sincere request -
1. Dont discriminate a rape victim
2. Help a rape victim
3. Show empathy.
4. Don't stop before punishing a rapist.

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