Forgiveness - the tough task

Many of my patients suffer from the "ill" or "evil" done by others.
Because many a times they are not able to "re-pay" or "punish" those who have given them pain, their mind is continuously wandering in the past.

The emotional pain doesn't leave them, giving rise to anger, anxiety and depression.

Everyone talks about Forgiveness.
After all its supposed to a step progressive in personality development.
All religions preach the act of forgiveness and many people are told to forget everything in the "name of god".

Sometimes it is very difficult to forgive.
If we believe somebody has harmed us in the past, then despite wanting to forgive, we are not able to do so.

Generally, people equate forgiving someone with a personal defeat, declaring ‘I lost against somebody who harmed me’ or saying ‘you win’. Sometimes, there is anger too. If we forgive someone, we believe the person will be left scot-free of punishment for her deeds. We end up nurturing negative emotions like resentment, anger and hate, which later manifest as diseases in our bodies.

Forgiveness is a choice.. its a charity that always begins from home. When we choose to forgive, you Shed Negativity, and start healing your mind and body.

By forgiving, we clear our own path of growth. It’s a favour we do ourselves. We can create growth and balance in our environment if we are free from blockages. When we forgive, we set ourselves free.

Forgiveness is to Be Connected with Yourself - You made mistakes.. others made mistakes.. accept them.. move ahead.
you need to become disconnected from them.. you need to move away from them... you need to balance your life.
You might be called selfish.. You might be called independent.. you might be called many names.. but its something you do for your mental peace.
As your mental peace is something no one else will understand.

Dr.Hemant MittaL (psychiatrist - counselor)

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