The Secret and Depression

Recently I was going through a Q&A forum based on the book - "The secret".

One of the questions asked was -
"I have depression, many people suggest me to meet a psychiatrist and take medications.. I don't want to label myself Mad!! Whats your opinion".

The answer to this question was -
If the depression is so bad that you cannot handle it talking to a psychiatrist and getting medication for depression is a sign of strength is telling the universe that we are willing to go wherever we need to, to be well, to be healed. It telling the universe I'm ready to flow in positive direction for my health and not going to resist anything required to help.

Depression is a disease just like hypertension or Diabetes. You feel good after seeking treatment for your hypertension or diabetes. You tell the universe that I accept this disease and move ahead with positive flow of energy.. Then why not do the same for Depression.

Dr.Hemant Mittal

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