Victims of Blinded psychological outlook

Tony (name changed) was under tremendous pressure to make money and be a good husband.
He had been trying for 4yrs but his relationship was fading away.
He came to consult me after attempting suicide.

He was married at 26, but by 31 he was exhausted from the relationship.
He wanted to live life on his terms, but marriage, children had destroyed his desires.
He was living in self-pity, angry against his parents and abusive against his wife.
He had no love left for anyone, not even himself.
He just wanted to live his life or end his life.

Its sad but In India many men and women are married just to satisfy their parents "need".
There is no psychological approach to judge if the person is ready for marriage or not.

Indian society is very funny, because a great number of adults consider a young man/woman "mature" only after he/she has got married and had sexual relationships with their spouse.

People are so fearful to talk about sex.. that marriage automatically equates to happiness because its a licence to have sex.

There are millions of Tony's out there..
Millions who are suffering from clinical depression..
Millions who want to break free from the shackles of marriage..
Millions who just want to live life their way.

Freedom is our birth right...!!!

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Counselor and Motivational Writer)

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