female flirting

“I use my voice!”

“When I’m around a guy I like, I lower my voice to make it sound sexier. He inevitably leans in closer and responds. It’s a sure-shot trick that always works for me!” —Zain, 18

Why it works:

According to US-based Dating Coach Amy Waterman, “Guys sometimes fall for the girl who acts like a tough chick, but mostly guys fall hardest for the soft girl with a pleasing personality. Speaking in a softer, huskier tone comes across as more sensuous and less threatening.”

“I use my hair to my advantage.”

“While I’m talking to a guy, I casually flip my hair to one side and expose my neck. I’ve noticed this move always gets him to pause and appreciate mid-sentence!”

Why it works:

According to experts, when a woman exposes a sensitive area like her neck (also her collarbone), she is putting herself in a vulnerable position and telling a guy she’s open to his advances. The neck is also one of the most kissable area’s of a woman’s body, and drawing attention to it will make him imagine how it would feel to kiss you there.

“I bring along cute ‘props’.”

“When I know I’ll be meeting guys, I put on a quirky tee or a cute hat. And most of the times, I have a cute guy ask me about it.” —Snigdha, 22 —Mansi, 25

Why it works:

US-based relationship expert Fran Greene explains why this trick works: “Props are natural conversation starters. They encourage questions, and others will be compelled to start talking to you. Great props include unusual jewellery, a fabulous scent, a sweatshirt that screams your hobby,

hats, or a really interesting book.”

“I look away!”

“One secret move I always pull on a guy I’m interested in—I appear distracted while talking to him, like I have a lot on my mind. Works like a charm, because it gets him interested and wondering ‘What’s she thinking?’” —Bhagyalakshmi, 21

Why it works:

Lauren Frances, author of Dating, Mating, And Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide To Men, explains: “Psychologically, men demand attention (though they might not be so willing to give it), and a great way to get his attention is to appear mildly disinterested. Reverse psychology rings true for this scenario, where he will be dying to know what’s on your mind.” He will definitely try to figure out what you’re thinking of and why its not him. Plus, this trick is way of ensuring he knows you’ve got a busy life and so much more to do with you time, yet you choose to spend time with him, so he should treat you well.

“I carry a camera.”

“At a party, I ask a hot guy to take a picture of me and my friends. After he shoots, I ask him to jump in. We’ll look over the photos together, and then I’ll get his Facebook page details to tag him in the album.” —Suheena, 22

Why it works:

Author and relationship expert Joseph Matthews says, “Facebook is one of the greatest tools anyone hoping to improve their success with dating could ever hope to have. It provides a non-invasive portal for you to share information and get to know someone you just met and take it to the next level.” (Also helps you figure out if they’re psycho stalker or not!)

“I use touch.”

“After having interacted for a while, I make it a point to casually touch a guy’s arm while talking. I think it lets him know I’m comfortable around him.”

Why it works:

According to dating advice expert and author of Love In 90 Days, Dr Diana Kirschner: “Touch is a very important part of letting your partner know you are interested and that you are not afraid to make the first move. Though it is one of the more positive signs of flirting, be careful to send across the right kind of message. Keep your touch gentle and brief.”

“I leave!”

“I never stick around for too long once I’ve met someone. After a brief chat, I make my way out. If he’s into me, the guy responds by asking for my number or offering me his card.” —Neha, 20

Why it works:

US-based dating counsellor Dr Asher Malderan says: “Sometimes, leaving will make the person give you their number, ask you to stay, or they may just leave with you. If you two need more time before taking it to the next level and the person obviously likes you, offer to take them for coffee and leave the place that you’re at. This way, you have time alone and things can progress from there.”

“I use my eyes.”

“Playing hide and seek with the eyes is my favourite flirting game! I get his attention for a few seconds, smile, then quickly look away. He’s always waiting for me to look back again.” —Anshum, 28

Why it works:

Smart move, says Greene. “Looking your interest in the eye and then glancing away tells him two things: that you find him interesting, and you’d like him to take the lead. Be careful not to stare, though—it’s a turn-off.”

“I pretend!”

“I try this when I go out to a club or bar—I tap a cute guy on the shoulder and when he turns around, I feign surprise and exclaim, ‘I’m sorry, I thought you were XYZ!’ We usually wind up bonding over how I know his back-of-head twin and eventually exchange numbers!” —Swarnakshi, 19

Why it works:

“If you can make ‘accidental’ run-ins look genuine, this is an innocent and friendly way of initiating a conversation and leading to a prospective date,” says Waterman. Just one word of advice: make sure you don’t go overboard and claim anything unrealistic like, “I’m sorry, I thought you were my uncle’s boss’s nephew’s best friend!” Keep it short and cute, and he’ll be more interested in you than your story.

“I split up.”

“My girlfriends and I have a rule—every time we go out, we split up for 20 minutes at the bar and give the men a chance to make a move. If someone comes up, great! If not, we meet up again and have a great night anyway! —Meghna, 21

Why it works:

According to dating coaches and authors Ron Louis and David Copeland, “While going out alone might not be the safest idea in today’s world of dating, when you are out with your friends, you should separate yourself from them a bit to seem more approachable by men. Men might feel too intimidated to approach you if you’re with a group of girls, and might worry that they stand to be be rejected not only by you, but a whole group of women. So, take every opportunity to venture to the pool table, bar or patio alone for a few moments at a time and don’t forget to smile.” Wondering what to do for those 20 minutes when your friends aren’t around? Simply look around the room for a few minutes, lock eyes with a cute guy then look away, or check your phone for new messages (only for a few seconds). Whatever you do, it’s important that you face the crowd so you seem more approachable.

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