Online Extra-marital affair.

Whenever someone talks about an “extra-marital affair” or “cheating in a relationship”, the thought automatically moves towards “sex.”.

People forget to look towards the a more common form of cheating - “emotional or psychological cheating”.

Cyber-cheating or Online extra-marital affair is a reality that's affecting millions of homes!!

Even with no physical contact, the emotional attachment produces the same chemical reactions in the brain, as while having sex with that individual.

Facebook, Messengers - whatsapp, BBM, wechat, are fuelling such relationships in every other living room.

The Denial Trap -
99% involved in "online relationships" deny it, for there is no "sex" involved.
Their obsession for the "online partner" slowly over-clouds their entire "real life" relationships.

Common Behavior Patterns -
1. Spending more than 2-3hours a day chatting or exchanging sms/messages with your “online friend.”

2. Throughout the day, your mind is preoccupied with thoughts about your ”online friend”.

3. If there is resistance from family, friends or spouse... the "online interaction" is kept secret.
Changing all your account passwords, creating new social networks/email accounts, concealing emails, changing his/her name on the blackberry messenger, etc.

4. High irritation or anger if your suddenly questioned about your online friend or online activity.

5. Restlessness if not heard from him/her within a few hours.
This restlessness calms only after contacting him/her.

6. Higher comfort level in sharing your thoughts with your online friend than your friends/partner.

7. Tunnel vision - Discount all negatives of your online friend. Become over-critical about your partner.

8. While having sex your mind flashes the desire of being with your “online friend” instead.

9. Sharing sensitive information like provocative photos, bank or other financial details, personal body details or professional secret details with your ”online friend” without having verified his/her credentials.

10. Constantly planning to arrange business meetings, conferences or visits to spend time alone with your ”online friend”.

11. Constant denying to any emotional attachment to your ”online friend”, while you still spend most time in the day thinking, talking or chating with him.

Reason -
Emotional Addiction to the “online friend” makes you emotionally numb to everyone else. Feeling irritation, critical or angry towards those who don't share your "vision" about him/her.

The brain becomes addicted to this "online friend", making it more and more difficult to detach from him and involve yourself in your real life.

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