Alexander the Great's - greatest teaching!!

Alexander the Great or Sikandar as known in India, was the King of Macedon, Greece. 
By the age of 30, he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world. 
He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history's most successful commanders. 

There was no limit to his power, fame and wealth. He had millions of subordinates, millions dreamt of being him and his coffers where full of the most precious diamonds, pearls, gold and ornaments.
At the age of 33, Alexander was in Babylon, far away from his homeland, when he fell ill... he understood that death was fast approaching him.
He told his officers: "I will soon leave this world. I have three final wishes. You need to carry out what I tell you."
His generals, in tears, agreed.
"My first wish is to have my physician take my coffin home alone."
After a gasping for air,
Alexander continued: "My second wish is scatter the gold, silver, and gems from my treasure along the path of my coffin"
After resting for a while, he said: "My final wish is that to put my hands outside the coffin."
People surrounding him were very curious about his wishes.
His favored general kissed his hand and asked: "My Majesty, We will follow your instruction. But can you tell us why you want us to do it this way?"
After taking a deep breath, Alexander said: "I want everyone understand 3 lessons I have learned.
1st - To let my physician carry my coffin alone is to let people realize that a physician alone cannot cure your illness. People need to realize what treasure life is, appreciate it and appreciate your body.
2nd - By scattering my wealth, I want to tell people not to follow me. I spent my whole life pursuing wealth, but I today I realize I that beyond a point I just kept wasting my time.
3rd - My third wish is to let people understand that I came into this world in empty hands and I will leave this world also in empty hands. So will you... hence make the best of every single day.
he closed his eyes after finished talking and stopped breathing.
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