How a relationship is pushed to break point.

Psychological studies have proven that As time passes, a phase comes in every relationship when you know your partner like the back of your hand - you automatically know when he/she is mad, sad, angry, irritated, happy, & hurt... that's the time when 
a. you are the most comfortable as the relationship has a sense of control in it.
b. this knowledge and control makes you confident, so you start taking your partner for granted!!!

At this point if you take an important decision which is contradicted by your partner and he/she behaves in a way different to the image set in your mind, it leads to major conflict of interests which can eventually create a major drift in the relationship.

This a technique that relationship manipulators make use to break relationships!!! 
The steps normally followed are -
1. first they fuel your "individual ego"... show you individual dreams about your greatness, which makes you like them.
2. then they create a aura of superiority. You feel they are superior to you, they can teach you something, and they are superior to your partner.
3. then they slightly question your relationship, while still fueling your ego.
4. they prompt you to take a decision or behave in a way which otherwise you might not do.
5. once this decision creates a differences between you and your partner, they will take your side and slowly question "your importance in the relationship".
6. This creates a cloud of negativity regarding the relationship in your mind.
7. From here on you only focus on the negatives of your partner.. and see him as a negative.
8. the manipulator becomes your "saviour". 
9. Naturally your partner, who see's this manipulation might object against this "saviour" and it further deepens the drift.
10. eventually the manipulator secretly enjoys creating fights between you and your partner, by constantly pushing you to indulge in behavior which you wouldn't.
11. This eventually leads to a deepening drift that many a times ends with relationships breaking.

In most such cases, the partner that has been manipulated will complain - "i have given everything to this relationship and now I am exhausted"... actually they suffer from a depression, because they have lost -
a. the control on the relationship
b. "feel" they no longer understand their partner
c. at a point you realize that your "saviour" isn't superior to you, he is as flawed as you. At this moment of realization, you understand the wonderful bond you have destroyed.
d. guilty for having done what they have, but are too influenced by the manipulator to break free.

Politics is the lowest form of Love... Manipulators slowly and slightly introduce politics in a relationship, leading to ego battles.
Manipulators talk of love and freedom/.. but are themselves extremely restless, control seeking human beings... they have themselves failed to get a control on their relationships, so they seek to control you and your relationship.
Learn to identify Manipulators.
Take them for psychiatric treatment, cause they are the worst "evil" available in the world.
written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
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