Pornography addiction after Marriage

A new research says “watching porn for married men and women, triggers the same area of the brain as being involved in an extra-marital sexual relationship”
The growth of individual exposure and social acceptance of adult entertainment, has also triggered addiction to the same.
There are thousands of men and women who even after marriage, only feel sexual satisfaction after indulging in porn.

why do men/women get addicted to watching porn even after marriage?
One has to remember that Sex is one of the most powerful physiological and psychological process of the body.
Sexual needs are triggered by anxiety, need for adventurism, intrigue, peer pressure and "media".
Pornography provides a "safe" gateway to satisfaction of all these emotions -
1. Ego satisfaction - Sex helps satisfy the carnal ego of an individual.
Watching porn makes one "imagine" and "feel" that he/she is having sex with the man/woman of their desire... automatically giving an ego boost.
2. Pure physical satisfaction - Relationships require effort. Love is an exchange of emotions. Satisfying sex is a physical manifestation of positive exchange of emotions between a husband and wife.
In couples were this exchange is disturbed, sex automatically becomes disturbing.
Porn provides a person the chance to "sexual satisfaction" on his own terms, with an imagined way of emotional exchange.

3. Feel Young - No one likes to age. And one of the worst part of aging is feeling rejected by the opposite sex.
Pornography gives you the chance of transporting your psychologically to any physical age you like.

4. Physical attraction – Many people, specially in india, marry spouses who are not “physically attractive” for them.
They aren't physically attracted to their partners... hence through pornography they "envision" a partner they desire to have.

5. Stress – many people since young age develop the habit of using "masturbation" as a way to relieve their anxiety/stress/tensions.
Many cannot sleep properly without indulging in the same. 
Even As they get married, their mind is conditioned to relieve stress/anxiety/tensions through the act of sex... since Sex is not done on a daily basis, pornography and subsequent masturbation become their stress relievers.

Pornography is a highly addictive drug, which can lead to negative impacts on the brain.
Since pornography has evolved into many different types and kinds, it has successfully included anger, lust, violence, suspiciousness and possessiveness as core emotions of its graphic content.
There is no healthy exposure to pornography... and its most important for an individual to develop a loving relationship with his/her partner.
Marriage is probably the most socially important and one of the most beautiful relationships a person will have in his life... but the essence of the same lies on effective communication in and out of bed.
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