Love - does your relationship has this

"It's easy to find someone who tells you they love you,
it's hard to find someone who actually means it."

"Tony is in love with Maria, but still there relationship is still heading towards divorce... The more they try to come closer, the more they grow apart."

They wake up every morning and say "i love you" to each other, but they go to sleep like two strangers on the same bed.!!!

Thousands of couples are battling this same problem... they love each other.. but do they understand the meaning of it!!

I have asked hundreds of couples like, Tony and Maria, what they mean by being in love... and all the thousands of answers revolve around -
1. living under one roof
2. having a family
3. taking "care" of each other
4. adjusting to each others needs and wants.

in short - it all about sharing the same dream.

and in many a cases, 2 people want to share the same dream.. because they are fearful of being alone.
They are fearful of being judged for being alone.

ironically not even 2 twins have the same personality, so its even difficult for them to perfectly share a single dream.

In my experience as a psychiatrist...
Love is living your individuality, and having a partner who respects it...
Love is having a partner who enjoys seeing you as a individual, as you enjoy his/her individuality.

If you can break beyond the fear of loneliness,
you will find that the power of self, can take your relationship into an amazing high -

where caring happens involuntarily.
where bliss comes without demanding.
where you and your partner stop being possessive,
where you and your partner are never apart, no matter what the distance might be.
where trust isn't a question needed to be asked,
where communication is not in words but in presence.
where love is pure love.

to reach there you both have to break beyond the barrier of fear..


Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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