Salman Khan personality - why being a Bad Boy can make you a chick magnet or a recipe for destruction!!!

Maria was having an office affair with one of her colleagues... When her family found out they couldn't believe it was a guy with the worst reputation and attitude of all.

Just like Maria, there are millions of women who are attracted to males with a "bad boy" attitude.

There is certainly a truth in the sentence "opposites attract"... and nothing is more true than in the case of women who are attracted to a male with "bad boy" attitude.

Psychologically lets decipher the reasons why this "fatal attraction" is there -

1. They are confident -
Confidence overflows into everything they do... be it the friends they make, the food they eat, the car or bike they drive, the way they drive, the way they order their drinks and even the way they talk to other women.
The confidence can easily be confused with narcissm.

2. They are indifferent
Rule books are not applicable to them and when it comes to getting things done, it's either their way or the highway.
You can't expect to change him, or set him straight as they will not change.

3. They are exciting and adventurous
They love excitement and adventure. Always testing boundaries, never complaining about anything, always engrossed in the moment.

4. They are Rebellious and mysterious
Our brain is conditioned to pick up routine behaviour. So the moment you behave routinely, a woman's brain picks it up. But bad boys are rebellious and mysterious. No one can predict their next move.
Its this guessing game that woman love and many woman feel the need to control.

5. They love to take control
They are often rugged and in-control. They directly speak what they feel about someone or a situation.
They speak clearly and confidently, they look you in the eye, they are passionate about what they believe in...

6. They give women a feeling of power
Bad boys have an air of power surrounding their aura. Whenever they sit at a place other males will try to show them down.
Since they are indifferent and don't care, many women don't understand how can they be "emotionless".
Women themselves feel powerful when they are able to control such men.

7. They know how to talk to women
They know how to listen and wear to stop a woman from talking.  Even while many of them fail to have the detailed knowledge about a topic, they automatically behave as if they know a topic in complete detail.
Some are good with words and others are good with body language.

Where do Bad Boys Fail?
Bad boys are not all glory, they also have a negative side.

1. Emotional Bomb - in most cases they are very selfish... Relationships are just a passing enjoyment for them... But if and when they become deeply emotionally attached to a woman, the invest so much energy that it can actually be destructive for their personality.
Specially in cases when this relationship fails.

2. Lack of Planning - they are very bad at planning the future. They need a god-father who can utilize their energy in constructive ways.
Elsewise they can get lost in their ever "enjoying" life-styles.

3. Manipulative - because of disregard for rules, they tend to bend rules as per there want and need. This can many a times lead them to face legal or professional problems.

4. Unpopular with the "civilized" world- till they are young adults people are envious of their ways of living. As they grow into marriage and parenthood, they are required to tone down and behave more "socially" coherent.
Inability to do so, makes them unpopular among their peers. Even many labelling them as a negative influence.

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Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM, MD(mindmantra))
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)

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