Cannot Stop EATING.. then READ THIS -

Do you feel out of control when you’re eating?
Do you eat in secret?
Do you eat until you cannot eat anymore?
Do you eat extremely fast?
Do you eat food even when you are not hungry?
Do you feel guilty, ashamed or disgusted after eating?
Do you feel powerless to stop eating?
Do you have episodes of suddenly eating large quantities of food, followed by a phase of guilt?
Do you think extensively or plan about what you want to eat?
Does eating help you escape from worries, stress, mental restlessness and give you comfort and sense of control?

If you have more than 6 “yes” than your LOVE FOR FOOD, is or has become an obsessive behavior. And its time to control yourself.

Remember -

1. You are not Mad! .. Your brain is just channelizing all energy and efforts towards eating.. eating causes release of positive chemicals.
its important to re-program the brain.

2. Such eating pattern is called Compulsive Overeating.

3. Cure?

a. analyse all the "stress" giving situations in your life.
b. think of ways to de-stress yourself.
c. accept you have an eating problem. Say it loudly. Don't be ashamed.
d. acceptance also gives way to cure... remember everything can be cured.. and cure comes from your heart.

e. stop making excuses - I have met so many people who give "excuses" to hide their compulsiveness to eat. -

i am a foodie - i cannot live without food
I only eat when I am out with my friends
i don't get time to make food at home
when i go out, i avoid all fatty stuff.
we live once, why not enjoy eating.

stop fooling yourself... your health is deteriorating and only you can help it.


f. make sure you analyse your friends and social interactions - you might be actually be pushed into such behavior by friends and family.

g. if you are not able to fight this problem, seek help.. there is no harm in seeking help... a good psychiatrist or a good counselor can help you develop coping mechanisms to fight such urges.

by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist and Counselor)
email –
website –
address- 15, shreeji plaza, next to ice n spice restaurant, opposite seawoods station, seawoods (east)
Navi Mumbai

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