Finding out the Purpose of Life

Tony asked - What is the purpose of my life.

I said - what is that you love

He said - I want success in love, fame, power and money.

Society has a great definition of Success... A combination of a beautiful/handsome life partner, millions of dollars in the bank and a highly placed job were everyone respects you...

irony is that, Even when most people have such a clear definition for what "success" in life means.. they find it very difficult to find "purpose in life".

Because these definitions don't come from their heart.

this leads to two extremes -
1. the procrastinators - Those who spend their time imaging "that day" when they will have everything they want... building castles in the air. They are irritated, angry and always comparing themselves with others.

2. The Perfectionists - There is another group that is "married to this definition"... They spend the entire life thinking and working towards this definition...

They spend whole day trying to reach that goal. They only see that goal. Any deviance from that goal and they become nervous.

Where do you find yourself?
Majority of people walk the line in-between these two... when they get to comfortable in one extreme, they look towards the other as better.

after all - grass is greener on the other side.

we are genetically programmed to do things that we find pleasure giving.

Our research for money, power, fame or Love is only to make us happy.

Our basic nature is too search for happiness.

You have problems finding the purpose of your life, when you don't know where you happiness is.

You have problems finding the purpose of your life, when you search to be happy by doing things others feel is happiness.

You have problems finding the purpose of your life, when you are not able to take a decision and accept its consequences.

Its not difficult to find a purpose in life... its difficult to accept it, enjoy it and stick by it.

maybe its time to change your approach.

Remember The purpose of your life is to get happiness... and happiness is a journey not a path.
Learn to accept and celebrate yourself.

written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Neuro-Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker and Counselor)
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address- 15, shreeji plaza, next to ice n spice restaurant, opposite seawoods station, seawoods (east)
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