How thoughts of the Past haunt you

I know thousands of people who consider psychiatry as some modern form of "witch-craft".

Once a patient always a patient... psychiatrists only want to drug you and make you addicts!! - are some of the common lines still told to me each day.

Tony is one such staunch believer who was forced to seek help a few months ago.

Tony was sexually abused as a child by his own uncle... He hasn't been able to forget that horifying experience... Not being able to vent it out, Harboring this secret in his heart for last 15yrs has shaped his personality.

Like most people going through suffering, he has sort solace in god, but the anger, guilt, irritation and continuous vivid thoughts of the past still haunt him.

For years he tried to "control" these, by "spreading the name of god"... everything he preached religion to someone, he felt his own anger and irritation was decreased... he felt he was doing a good job.

A year ago, he fell in love with a lady he was trying to counsel... Religiously that relationship was against his belief... he tried a lot to suppress his feelings and that made him more angry and irritated on his entire life.

one day, he couldn't take the pressure, suffered a nervous breakdown... he cursed god for having made his life a living hell... since than everytime anyone would do something against his wish or expectation he would secretly insult god in his mind.

within a few weeks, he was spending sleepless nights and restless days...he developed a stress cycle, which started with battling the memories of the past, angry on his uncle... angry on his parents... guilty and self-criticizing for what he suffered... he would calm these down with words of god read from holy books... within a few minutes, his mind would start cursing god, for the religion he had, as it stopped him from living with the woman he loved.

Tony finally confided in a friend of his, who took him to a psychiatrist.

He was diagnosed with presence of a clinical level of obsessive compulsiveness triggered by a post-traumatic stress disorder.

He was suggested some medicines for the same.

within a few weeks, he regained 60% control on himself... over the next 3 months, he was completely fine.
There was a new him, and he had never been at such peace.
The psychiatrist had told him, that since his problem was more than 15yrs old it couldn't be cured in 1-2months, he might need to take just one tablet for probably 9-12months.

Seeing the great effects he was having, he decided to continue with the same.

5 months later he told his parents about his treatment and how it has helped him. They immediately made him stop all medications.. Took him to the priest and made him do "extra-worship" for the sins he has committed.

within a year, since Tony had not got a complete treatment done, he had a relapse.
There was again a nervous breakdown.
His parents stopped him from seeking professional help.
Hundred of Thousands of rupees were spent in Rituals suggested by astrologers and priests, but he didn't seem to improve.

One day he was so engrossed in his thoughts that while crossing the road he didn't realize when a bus hit him.

Today Tony is paralyzed neck below... and restless as ever... pleading for death!!

(based on a true case i have consulted)

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